Who We Are

"ARADIN strives to work in partnership with local communities to promote forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods."


The African Research Association (ARA) has been tackling forest degradation in the tropical forests of northern Cross River State, Nigeria since 1996. ARA works through its rural based community project, Development in Nigeria (DIN).

  • To conserve and promote sustainable use of forest resources
  • To reduce poverty and improve livelihoods
  • To develop and support civil society by empowering local communities, particularly women and youth

Key Challenges

DIN address two key challenges, both of which are interlinked.

  • Poverty
    Poverty is widely considered an underlying cause of deforestation. Other causes include low employment opportunities, a loss of potential cash income from forests, poor education attainment, illiteracy and poor knowledge of rights.
  • Deforestation
    Several factors including harvesting for timber and non-timber forest products, burning, clearing for plantations and shifting cultivation for subsistence agriculture contribute to other underlying causes include inappropriate forest policies or poor enforcement of forest legislation, lack of knowledge of rights, insecurity and poverty.

Our Approach

  • Adult Literacy
  • Research and Policy
  • Sustainable Livelihood
  • Community Forestry

Cross Cutting Themes

  • Gender
  • HIV & AIDs
  • Environmental Education