Adult Literacy

image: Adult Literacy

The adult literacy programme directly addresses one of the key causes of poverty – that is low literacy level. It has been a particular success story and was given a high priority by many communities during ARADIN’s participatory Needs Assessment and strategic review. Its relatively low inputs yield a great deal of benefits to participating communities, including helping to reduce conflicts between different ethnic groups, expanding knowledge on the best approach to minimizing activities that accelerate environmental degradation including erosion and watershed impacts. Literacy groups have been encouraged to undertake joint projects in order to put new skills and knowledge into practice and increase learner motivation.

The adult literacy program directly addreses one of the key causes of poverty and is given high priority by many communities.

  • Carried out with both farmer and fulani communities
  • Includes functional literacy principally issues of health, child care and improved agricultural technologies.
  • Helps reduce conflict between ethnic groups
  • Learners can use new skills and knowledge in practice in everyday life