Climate Change and Mitigation

image: Climate Change & Mitigation

Across the globe today, climate change is possibly the greatest environmental challenge facing mankind. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecast a global average temperature rise of 1.4-5.8oC by the year 2100 (IPCC 2001). Such temperature rises will bring enormous and varied changes in weather patterns, ocean currents, regularity of natural habitats (and thus biodiversity) and sea level, resulting in increased or decreased levels of rain, floods, landslide, drought and famine (depending on region). The effects will be felt disproportionately by poor countries and by the poorer communities within these countries. The poor are disproportionately vulnerable, given that the ability to adapt and cope with environmental disasters depends upon economic resources, infrastructure, technology and social safety nets (IPCC 1996). ARADIN is committed towards creating awareness and strengthening local capacity for adapting to climate changes through the adoption of sustainable practices in their means of livelihood.