Sustainable Livelihood

image: Sustainable Livelihoods

The key aim of the alternative livelihoods programme is to promote livelihoods that are not dependent on forest clearing and at the same time address the burning issue of poverty. Alternative livelihoods programmes must have potential to generate income for community members and groups. Small-scale agriculture is a key component of the alternative livelihoods projects, including promotion of market gardening, livestock fattening and the integration of agro-forestry practices. ARADIN has worked with both Christian farmers and Muslim pastoralists in small scale agricultural projects. We have been adopting a discovery learning approach in teaching farmers improved farming method through the farmer field school programme.

This program address issues of poverty by promoting income generation from livelihoods that are not dependent on forest clearing, but also focuses on ensuring current livelihoods.

  • Livestorck fattening
  • Bee keeping & honey production
  • Market gardens
  • Micro-enterprise development
  • Sustainable agriculture: Cocoa and cassava